10 Solid Differences Between Single And Committed!!

Single people do whatever they want, but they might feel lonely, especially when they are no longer hanging with their family and friends. Moreover, if you are taken, then you won’t be able to do crazy things like you did previously.

A lot of people experience different changes when they are in a relationship, however, there are some things which remain the same for most people.

Differences between being a taken and single person:

  • Money issue – when you were single you had enough money to consume alcohol, go to parties, purchase PC games, and go whenever you wanted. But now, you need to prepare enough cash for gifts, dates, and expensive surprise events.
  • Your squad – you and your friends went to music festivals or the nearby mall in order to eat, drink, and have fun. However, now you are not as available as you were for you spend more time with your partner.
  • Picking movie seats – when you were single you would pick the best seat, the one in the middle section. But now you would pick the corner seats as you may want to get intimate with your partner during the movie.
  • Phone calls – when you were single you had nothing to talk about, but now you have a lot to say and explain since you are in love with your partner.
  • Drinking habits – when you were single you went to many wild parties with your friends and had too many glasses/bottles of alcohol for handling, but being taken means drinking and being classy.


  • Adding friends to social media – back then you added as many friends as you wanted as you wanted to form a connection through Facebook. But, now that you are in a relationship you have to be picky about who gets to talk to you online.
  • Your looks – you thought that you did not have to look clean as you were not trying to improve someone, but now you always want to look perfectly good for your partner.
  • Being more careful – you were all about risking your life and having fun before, and now you want to live a long and happy life, spending it with your partner.
  • Love – you had nobody to hold hands with when you were single, and now, things have changed. You can hug and kiss someone as much as you want.
  • Texting – you barely replied to anyone when you were single, but in a relationship, you check your phone and say sweet things.