14-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan (Doctor OZ plan)

This 14-day keto diet will turn your body into fat burning machine. It will help you to lose weight and has many health benefits. Ketogenic diet is a very low carb diet which causes production of ketones. Ketones are produced when your body runs down of sugars or in other words carbs which give you energy.

14-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

First week


Breakfast: Eat scrambled eggs

Lunch: Tuna cheese melt- low carb

Dinner: Pesto chicken casserole with olives and cheese


Breakfast: Frittata –low carb

Lunch: Meat pie – low carb

Dinner: Salmon baked with lemon and butter


Breakfast: Judy’s low carb porridge

Lunch: Prepare salad in a jar

Dinner: Carbonara- low carb


Breakfast: Dairy free latte

Lunch: Chicken breast and herb butter

Dinner: Tex-mex casserole –low carb


Breakfast: omelet with mushrooms

Lunch: Goat, avocado and cheese salad

Dinner: Hamburger gratin and Brussels sprouts


Breakfast: Tapas

Lunch: Pancakes with savory cream cheese topping

Dinner:  Marinate chops in red pesto


Breakfast: Oopsie bread with bacon, lettuce and tomato

Lunch: Egg wraps with crispy shrimp salad – low carb

Dinner: Meatloaf warped with bacon

Second week


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich with no bread

Lunch: Thai fish with coconut and curry

Dinner: Hamburger patties and creamy tomato sauce


Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee

Lunch: Beef stroganoff – low carb

Dinner: salmon tandoori and cucumber sauce


Breakfast: Coconut porridge

Lunch: Chili with salmon and spinach

Dinner: Chicken with garlic


Breakfast: Egg muffins

Lunch: Cauliflower soup with pancetta crumbled

Dinner: Pork chops with blue cheese sauce


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with halloumi cheese

Lunch: tortilla with ground beef and salsa –low carb

Dinner: fish casserole with French mustard and mushrooms


Breakfast: Bacon and eggs

Lunch: Salmon with spinach and pesto

Dinner: steak with béarnaise sauce


Breakfast: omelet western

Lunch: turkey with cream cheese sauce

Dinner: Cheeseburger- low carb