Try These Amazing 6 Workouts – Easy And Good For Back Fat And Armpit Flabs

Everyone has some troubles with the weight and body image. Regular workouts, good diets help in weight loss, but some areas need special attention.

Underarm flab and back fat are the most challenging, after the stomach. Many people give up for this aim, but many reasons lead us to think that you need to target these muscles.

Get a personal trainer for this or go to classes at the gym. They can be good, but also cost a lot.
For this, we have some simple workouts that do not cost at all and are effective.

The 6 workouts – no equipment

Do these 6 no-equipment exercises daily for several weeks, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.  Don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and see a toned and sculpted back!

1. Prone Reverse Fly

Prone Reverse Fly is a no-equipment exercise that targets those small spots in your upper back.

  • Start with face down while lying on the floor with your arms stretched out to the side and your face down.
  • Slowly, raise your head and chest up off the ground.
  • Make certain that the backs of your hands face towards the ceiling. Feel the tight squeeze between your shoulder blades. [1]
  • Do three sets of fifteen.

2. T-Y-I

These exercises are great for targeting the entire upper back, strengthening, and improving your posture,” says Nedra Lopez, co-owner and head trainer of The Studio by Remorca Fitness in NYC.

The T-Y-I exercises are easily learned and performed. [2]

“T” Lie face down on the floor with your arms out to the sides, forming the letter “T.”  With your palms facing down, slowly elevate your arms and squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for a count of seven. Release your arms slowly. Do two sets of twenty.

“Y” From the same position on the floor, extend your arms above your head at an angle into a “Y” position. Keep your palms down and slowly elevate your arms, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Make sure your arms are straight. Release your arms slowly. Do two sets of twenty.

“I” Lastly, from the same position on the floor, extend your arms straight above your head into an “I” position. Lift your arms straight up, squeezing your shoulder blades together while pushing your shoulders down towards your lower back. Do two sets of twenty.

3. Superman

For amazing back toning. Lie down, face down, arms over head extended. Pull arms, chest and legs off ground. 3 sets and 10 reps.

This is for good posture and stronger muscles too. A healthy workout for back flab. Start as regular plank, rest on forearms and legs are wide apart. Drop chest down and hips are static. Tighten shoulder blades and hold for 10 seconds. Have 2 sets and 20 reps.

5. Bird dog

For toned arms and amazing blood flow. Back is straight, start down on all four, then extend right arm and left leg for a few seconds and switch sides. This will give stability and balance too.

6. Snow angel

Lie down with face down, stretch arms to sides and palms face down. Keep head down as you raise arms above head. Feet are inches from the wall and back is straight. Arms get lowered back to sides, straight. 3 sets and 10 reps.
As we said, no need of gym or coach for these. Do them anywhere, not just at home.
After a short while you can have your confidence back and war strapless shirts and dresses.