If you want to shape your body you have to try this real program. You will have to include all of the body parts, and not concentrate in your thighs or butt. In this way your body will be brought into proportion and your metabolism will be boosted, too. First, you have to master a few key exercises.


These are the moves:

  • Pile squats – stand with the toes faced diagonally outwards and raise your hands on both sides to the height of your shoulders. Once you squat down engage your thighs and imagine your knees need to be open wide as you sit down. Keep your chest open and up, and stay tall.


  • Leg swings – stand with your feet together and hands at the hips. Target the outer thighs and your oblique. Take a chair if you need something to hold on. Flex your foot and keep your leg straight while you swing.


  • Side lunges – stand and part your feet more than the shoulder-width. Place your hands together in front of your chest. Bend the left knee and go in a deep lunge on the left side. Repeat the same on the right side. This is great for the inner thighs. To intensify the movement, hold a 30 lb barbell. Keep the straight leg in a straight position while you return to the starting position.


  • Side leg shifts – lay on one side and position your body in a straight line. Lit the top leg up and down, and point your toes, repeating it on another side.

  • Inner thigh pulses – lay on one side and bend the beet and knees in front of you, holding the ankle with your left hand and head with your right hand. The heel of your right leg must be up with your toes faced down. Lift your right leg up and down. Repeat the same procedure on another side.



photo source by: ffbody.com