5 Tips That Can Shift Your Body From ‘Fat- Storing” to “Fat- Burning” Mode

Do you workout hard and follow an exhausted diet to lose your extra weight, but you don’t get any results? Sometimes it isn’t our fault. We do everything we can to lose our weight but it is in vain. The hormonal imbalance in our bodies is the reason why we still gain weight beside everything we do.

There are several glands and organs which are responsible for our metabolism and maintaining our body weight. We need to improve their functions and only then we will get the results we are expecting.

1. Liver

The liver is one of the vital organs in our bodies. If we want to lose weight, our liver should be in normal condition, working properly. The liver regulates the composition of blood, including the amounts of protein, fat, and sugar which enter the bloodstream.

It also removes the toxins from our bodies and stores some nutrition. The liver processes numerous nutrients absorbed by the intestine and it also produces cholesterol.

2. Adrenal glands

Adrenal glands produce many hormones and other chemicals which regulate numerous processes in our body as well as our ability to lose weight. Some of the chemicals adrenal glands produce are Cortisol, DHEA, Adrenaline, and Aldosterone. Keep these hormones balanced, and you will not have problems with gaining weight.

3. Thyroid gland

We all know that thyroid hormones regulate our metabolism. In cases when we suffer from overactive thyroid we lose excess weight, but when it comes to underactive thyroid, then we gain extra weight. That is why we need our thyroid gland to function properly and produce their hormones in normal amounts.

4. Muscle mass

Building more muscles will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight faster. The more muscle you gain, the faster your metabolic processes become. So don’t lose more time start new workout plan with more weights and you will see how your body is going to transform in short time.

5. Full body reset

We need to cleanse our body regularly from toxins and waste. A proper diet is extremely important if we want to lose our weight and improve our health. Boosting our metabolism and regulating our hormones is really necessary. Try to maintain your health and workout regularly.

You will see how the results will be obvious.  Keep your mind calm and relieve the stress on your body by doing some yoga or meditation.

These are some of the best tips which can help you shift your body from “Fat- Storing” to “Fat- Burning” Mode. You are closer to your dream body that you ever thought.