The 50 Things You Need to Do for a Relationship to Last

If you were looking for a way to improve your relationship, read on.  Here are 50 tips on how to make it last:

1.     When it  comes to happiness, think long-term and short-term

Don’t leave if it doesn’t seem like you will both be happy in the present moment and in the future, but do take measures to increase the chance that you will gain lasting happiness.  Not every relationship is meant to work, but it doesn’t mean that you should abandon it prior taking certain measures to improve it.

2.     Say” thank you” often

Say it and mean it!

3.     Be responsible

Don’t waste time, energy, and money!

4.     Be well-mannered

Forget about things like sneezing in person`s face, door-slamming, and yelling.

5.     Joke around

When needed and appropriate.

6.     Don’t be immature

Don’t make a big deal out of things which are really irrelevant and trivial.

7.     Be able to sustain yourself

Even if your partner does the laundry or the cooking, this doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it because it is their job.

8.     Send cards and letters to family members and mutual friends

E-mails and e-cards will do the trick.

9.     Include your partner`s friends in some parties

Not all of them, but once in a while.

10.  Don’t assume your partner ‘ doesn’t need that’ anymore

Never dispose of something that is not yours, whether it is an old receipt or a hockey nest.

11.  Maintain healthy hygiene

Things like skipped showers, bad breath, and long toenails are not an option!

12.  Take pride in yourself

Don’t be lazy and inefficient just because you are not single anymore.

13.  Allow personal time and space

You don’t have to be together 24/7. Everyone needs their personal time and space.

14.  Try-on your partner`s shoes

Not literally, but try seeing things from their perspective.

15.  Give your partner`s personal intersect a chance

This doesn’t mean that you should like all of the same things, but it is good to have certain things in

16.  Respect your partner`s friends

Respect your partner`s company, even if you don’t like them too much.

17.  Learn to take hints

Remember what type of partner yours is; some of them want you to be honest about their outfit, for instance, while others don’t.

18.  Read often

Reading is a good way to escape reality.

19.  Offer compliments

Of course, you need to be genuine about them.

20.  Practice equality

Regardless of who is the money-maker or who does most of the chores around the house.

21.  Don’t call each other names

Calling each other names like dumbass, idiot, or stupid is extremely detrimental to any relationship.

22.  Do more brainstorming than criticizing

Analyzing problems is not a good idea. Focus on the finding solutions instead.

23.  Don’t exaggerate

Exaggerating breeds dishonesty.

24.  Be tidy

At least keep your socks, towels, and underwear at their place.

25.  Keep a “seat down” toilet policy

Simple as that!

26.  Don’t beat around the bushes

Be direct as much as possible.

27.  Be encouraging

Always convey your genuine emotion and try to encourage your partner as much as possible in order to help them succeed.

28.  Keep secrets, but don’t be too secretive

While you don’t need to tell each other literally everything, don’t be secretive neither.

29.  Talk about sex

Not just during or after sex.

30.  Improve your skills

This will encourage your partner and benefit you at the very least.

31.  Keep a “one at a time” washroom policy

Enough said.

32.  Surprise

Whether it is a gift or a dinner, surprise is always a good idea.

33.  Eliminate negative things

Do things that prevent your partner from cursing or frowning.

34.  Do positive things

Do things that will make your partner smile.

35.  Don’t track chores

Don’t keep a list of who is doing what and when.

36.  Stay fit

Do it personally for yourself.

37.  Be aware of yourself

Be aware of your personality traits and try to improve, as needed. Try to be a good person and a good partner.

38.  Travel apart

This is a sign of trust, which will result in evolution in your relationship.

39.  Travel together

Again, this will result in a growth of your relationship.

40.  Maintain personal interests

Being interested in the same things only is not a good idea.

41.  Make friends together

Making friends together is a means of bonding with your partner.

42.  Have faith in people

Having faith is something, whether it is spiritual or moral, is enough to build trust and improve your relationship.

43.  Don’t resist change

A [person] who views the world the same at fifty as [they] did at twenty has wasted thirty years of [their] life.”—Muhammad Ali.

44.  Adapt

Adaptation is the key to improvement.

45.  Offer uncoditional love

Offer unconditional love to your partner, whether he/ she is having a bad day, a week, or a month.

46.  Be forgiving

Whether you are religious or not, try to be as forgiving as possible.

47.  Be genuinely forgiving

Don’t forgive if this forgiveness lasts only until the next time your partner disappoints you.

48.  Don’t map it out

Nothing goes according to plan in life, so forget about mapping things out.

49.  Admit when you are wrong

Do it as it is simply the right thing to do.

50.  Celebrate