8 Exercises That Can Help You Flatten Your Belly

Exercises for a flat stomach – this is a the real way to get a slender and sexy waist. It is not necessary to spend hours on the grueling fitness equipment and money on season tickets to fashion fitness centers to achieve the ideal figure.

A successful result can be achieved by exercising at home even or on the street! Let’s leave autumn open training to the desperate sportsmen and we will talk about training in warm domestic conditions.

Let’s make a condition at once: the promised result will be visible, if you train without slacking, therefore the secret to a flat stomach lies in regular training. Look through these eight great exercises that can make your belly flat: The Plank, The McGill curl up, Marching, Two-leg floor bridge, Pulse-ups, Mountain Climbers, Crunches and Reverse Crunches.

Do not forget about healthy eating because if you want to get the best results, you should do everything in a combination.

1. Plank 

2. McGill curl up

3. Marching 

4. Two-leg floor bridge

5. Pulse-ups

6. Mountain Climbers 

7. Crunches 

8. Reverse Crunches 


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