Abandoned Greyhound mother with a broken leg leads two women to her hidden litter!

A Greyhound dog needed to somehow communicate that she needed help. The dog herself already had a broken leg, but her call for help was not about her, rather, it was a compelling urgency to rescue her litter of puppies.

Lianne Powell was out for a walk one day in Southern Spain. A Greyhound dog walking ahead of them captured her attention because she could see that the dog was bleeding from one of her legs.

Lianne could clearly see that this Greyhound was a recent mother, given she was in the state of nursing milk for her pups. Of course, she wondered, where are these puppies?

The dog was behaving in a way that seemed to Lianne that she wanted her to follow her. And so she did, but only after they brought her to a veterinarian to have her leg looked at. The mamma dog did indeed have a broken leg and was treated immediately.

“Her broken leg was fresh but we don’t really know what happened, she could have been hit by a car but she had no other wounds, maybe someone kicked her but we just don’t know– it was a clean break,” Powell said.


Ellen, the Belgian Veterinarian who treated the mother dog, was equally curious as to where these puppies were.

So they allowed the mother on the mend to lead them to wherever it was she needed to.

The dog led both Ellen and Lianne for 3 km.When they finally arrived at what appeared to be a junked out car, they took a look inside. Upon opening the car door and looking inside; there  was a whole litter of ten healthy Greyhound puppies. ‘


‘She led us to them, it was incredible–I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Ellen.

Both women were completely shocked. Within an hour, they had been able to both treat the mother and find her puppies. They were very surprised that the mother had trusted them so much in such a short time-frame.

Ellen, being the expert, was even more astounded that the puppies had survived the cold. Winters are especially hard on Greyhounds.


There was a relief, celebration, and plenty of tears at what had just occurred.

The abandoned mom of ten pups was given the name Vera by Lianne and Ellen, and the puppies were well-cared for at Ellen’s Surgery Clinivet Turre.