According To Science, Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier

Why do men love full women? Most likely, such behavior is dictated to them by nature itself. Femininity in ancient times was associated with a full figure – wide hips and lush breasts. Such women were considered true continuers of the genus. The great painters Rubens, Titian, and Kustodiev drew magnificent, full-bodied beauties in their canvases, in which was transferred a fervent, full of healthy life spirit. One old saying tells us: “Men are not dogs: they do not throw themselves at the bone.” And in psychologists, it is known that men like women who have magnificent forms, purely subconsciously. After all, the more a woman has the appropriate roundness for her sex, the higher the probability that she is capable of successful procreation.

Of course, when dating a lady, a man does not always care about her ability to produce healthy offspring. And very often he cares exactly the opposite: how not to get involved in the appearance of this very offspring. But subconsciously the man still puts his eye on the woman clearly fertile.

Some representatives of the strong half of humanity admit this openly. Others are eager to follow the fashion for thin people, although in their heart they probably also like chubby women.German sociologists conducted a survey among men aged 25 to 50 years. By results it has appeared, that to seventy percent of men like full women, and only five percent prefer girls with model appearance.

Most fond of fat women is thin men. According to surveys, they consider fatty women to be peaceful, exciting and less irritable. What is not surprising: the opposites are always attracted.They love full women and men who are experiencing financial difficulties. Psychologists believe that the poor are subconsciously feeling a kind of security.

Therefore, for nothing, big women fatigue themselves with diets, trips to gyms, ginger samples as a way to lose weight, as well as other know-how of the slimming industry.

However, there are men who do not like full women at all. Many of them themselves are overweight. Some people did not have a relationship with fatties at the time. Someone is under the influence of advertising and modern standards of beauty is a perfectionist and want to have everything, including a woman, as it should.