When you were conceived superstitions concerning dark felines? Perused the account of how these creatures from being faction turned into an image of fiendishness. Dark felines were not generally under assault superstition, nor even considered holders of the mischance.

Truth be told, in the early period of Egypt even three thousandths years before our time, felines were considered “stars ” of the set of all animals and were very regarded – killing felines is deserving of death !

Until medieval Europe, the notoriety of all felines, particularly dark headed downhill, since they were connected with witches. Delirium about witches that witch dark enchantment is unequivocally influenced Europe and road felines are regularly esteemed and sustained the poor old women, who were later blamed for witchcraft.

Their catlike partners, some of which were dark, were viewed as liable of witchcraft. The conviction has turned out to be particularly famous when an anecdote about a father and child from Lincolnshire in 1560 started to spread quickly.


The two men were professedly voyaging one night, as a dark feline crossed the street and took a slithering position. They then tossed stones and recover it until the powerless and harmed creatures did not flee to the place of a lady, which was then associated with being a witch.

The following day, the father and child were met with a similar lady and saw he was limping and it was brimming with wounds, which couldn’t in any way, shape or form be incidental. Since that day in Lincolnshire is accepted to be witches night transformed into dark felines to sneak undetected boulevards.

It has turned out to be one of the key convictions in witch-chase in the American Salem. Indeed, even today, amid the festival of Halloween witches and dark felines are frequently related thought processes, in spite of starting religious convictions occasions.

In this way, creatures which humankind once respected, turned into an image of abhorrence signs in many parts of the world.


In any case, in a few societies, a dark feline still appreciate and it is an image of satisfaction.

The Scots trust that the entry of a dark feline before the house implies flourishing, while the privateers in the nineteenth century trusted that awful if the feline is moving towards you, yet it is great in the event that you go.