Cells And Improve Your Brain Health, Regardless Of Your Age!

Even as an adult growing neurogenesis is possible. The methods of this process stated below will do virtually nothing for you if your overall diet and lifestyle is poor. There will be no  benefits.

“Growing  new brain cells that include improving memory and mood”  says neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret.

“Adult mammalian brain creates new neurons”. Human brain has different regions. The process of new brain cell development is called Neurogenesis.

During pre-natal development there are two parts of the human brain hippocampus and the sub ventricular zone, where the  process has been shown to continue into adulthood.
For Joseph Altman discoveries groundbreaking work in the field of neurogenesis, that happened  in both 1962 and 1963 and he must be given credit. His work was largely and uniformly ignored.

In 1990s a research start to regard neurogenesis as a priority and possibility. Learning and memory would be related brain functions that may be affected by neurogenesis.

Some neuronal effects, are found in the regulation of stress and also in the beneficial mechanisms of some antidepressants besides learning and memory. In the areas of depression, as well as Alzheimer’s neurogenesis shows promise.


Process autophagy  is described as the process of getting rid of junk and cells cleaning house. You can see how this is beneficial in improving  cellular and neuronal firing. Besides fasting and exercise, there are a few other elements that can help to grow new brain cells.

That should come as no surprise to the Paleo community that there are benefits to omega-3 fatty acids. Preferable over all other forms of omega-3s is docosahexaenoic acid.

DHA support neurogenesis so there are other reasons why you may supplement with DHA, or obtain large amounts from daily intake of wild-caught fish.

Another beneficial food that can be linked to neurogenesis are blueberries, so the flavonoids in them are advantageous. You should include blueberries in your diet.

You will not enjoy the cognitive effects of the food, but also you will indulging your taste buds and getting the inherent antioxidant effects as well.