On death row because of boyfriend: Lifelong puppy pushed out door by owner!

Susie Q may be on death row because of her owner’s boyfriend who just didn’t like her; the puppy was just too old and too slow.

Found wandering in the streets in Pasco County, Florida, the dog’s microchip led the shelter back to her owner. When contacted, the woman told shelter workers she didn’t want her dog back even though she had been with Susie Q since she was just a puppy.

The heartbreaking story begins here:

“You got me as a puppy, when I was small and cute. You took such good care of me; you even let me sleep in your bed. You had me spayed and micro chipped.

When I didn’t feel good, you would take me to the vet. You kept my shots up to date. You always told me what a good girl I was. We had so much fun.”


And why didn’t the owner want Susie Q to come home?

When her boyfriend decided he didn’t want the dog around anymore, the woman kicked the dog outside, closed the door and finally Susie Q just wandered away:

“Time marched on. My face grew grey, my step a little slower. You met a new friend, you two became close. I overheard him say that he didn’t like me or want me around. I was confused when you threw me out.

I spent every day and night outside. As my body ached from the cold, hard ground, I could only think of how warm it was inside. I miss you Mom. I don’t know what I did so wrong.”


Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found her aimlessly wandering and took her to the shelter where she was named Annie; here at least she would be fed, safe from predators and traffic.

She shook in her kennel and watched everyday for her mom to find her, but the real sadness came the next day:

“They found my chip this time. I was so happy when they told me that you would be here soon. You told them my name so they started calling me ‘Susie Q’, just like you do Mom.

Time went by and I started to shake again. I wondered what was taking you so long. The shelter worker came and moved me into another kennel; in a quieter building. They call this building ‘A’.

As she closed my kennel, she told me that she was sorry, that you were not coming. She said that you do not want me anymore. Mom, I don’t understand. You told them that you had me since I was a baby and that I am old now.

You told them that I love other dogs and even cats. You also told them how I love farm animals. Mom, what did I do so wrong that I can’t come home?”


On Sunday, Susie Q has both rescue organization and adopter interest. Please continue to share her story until she is safely out of the shelter.

And if dogs could talk and tell their story, how many would have repeated the sad plight of Susie Q?

Be a responsible pet parent; make sure you are committed to the lifelong responsibility; guaranteed to be returned many times over with lots of love and loyalty.

Anyone wiling to adopt may email the shelter @ Adoptionpartners@pascocountyfl.net. Please include Susie Q’s ID#A35691561. Video by Caitlin Torres:

Annie ( Susie Q) would not engage as Caitlin Torres video'd. She is so worried & confused,, she does not understand why her mom has left her in the shelter. Thank you Caitlin for this heartbreaking video.

Posted by Amy Miller Kruse on Петок, 23 јуни 2017