Easy-To-Do Exercise For Flat Stomach, Do It Every Day (60Days) For 1 Minute. It Is Effective As Doing Sit-Ups

The most difficult part of the body when you are trying to lose weight and fat is the stomach area. Most people dream about having toned and fat stomach, but the sit-ups are one of the most hated exercises.

However, there are ways to have flat stomach without doing the difficult sit-ups. According to fitness experts, the following exercise has the same effect as doing 1000 sit-ups.

The incredible static exercise is called a plank. The entire weight of your body lays on the toes and the hands, while the body is completely straight. Your body must remain still if you want to get a sturdy and flat stomach. This exercise will also help you if you suffer from back pain as the spine needs strong abdominal muscles for proper support.

It is especially important to do this exercise several times a week for 10 minutes a day. Doing this exercise according to this recommendation will give you the desired results and it will be more effective than doing 1000 sit-ups.

You also need to pay attention to the position of your body. It must be completely straight. Follow these instructions for the plank exercise:

• Position the palms of your hands on the floor. Position your shoulders as far from each other as possible. Elongate your neck. Your hands should also feel comfortable and loose.

The main area of your body that is affected is the abdominal area. You will also feel a firing sensation in the legs. If you don’t have this feeling in your legs, position your heels further from each other and the quadriceps will become tenser. Also activate the muscles in your lower body by squeezing the muscles on the buttocks.

• Hold your buttocks low. Don’t raise it as the body must remain in a straight line. It cannot form a triangular shape.

• The posture will be easier if you breathe rhythmically, in and out.

• The right position of the body is the essential thing when the effectiveness of this exercise is considered.

You can imagine a ball rolling on your body without being stuck on the lower back or a glass that is place in your lower back but it does not fall since your back remain straight.

Now do this exercise:

• Position your hands and knees on the floor. Your wrists should be in line with the shoulders. The back must be straight.

• Rise up your head for about 30 inches.

• First stretch the right leg back and then the left leg, so that your body is completely supported on the hands and toes.

• Tighten the abdominal muscles and remain in this position from 20 seconds to 1 minute.

• Sit on the heels while bending your knees. The big toes should touch when the knees are separated.

• While touching the floor lightly with your forehead, lower the knees towards the thighs. Stretch the arms forward and relax.

• Repeat this exercise three times. As you get used to the exercise, you will be able to do it for 1 minute.