The Home Remedy That Puts Old Skin On A Perfect! Remove The Males As If It Were A Gum!

Every woman wants to have a beautiful, delicate, without spot or wrinkle skin , but we know that’s not easy. The evils mentioned above can be triggered by various factors such as weather, sun or age.
To deal with them, many resort to expensive beauty cosmetics that only relieve the most. Ademar, because they are manufactured with different chemicals, put our health at risk.

However, what many people do not know is that in nature we can find what we need to end this kind of evil. If we know how to mix the right ingredients, we can beautify our face in an impressive way. If you also want to have beautiful skin, pay attention to the ingredients you can use.

Zinc and Selenium

In general, blemishes on the skin are usually triggered by lack of Selenium and Zinc. If we want to prevent them from affecting us, we must eat fruits that contain these compounds. Some of them are nuts, oats, corn, sesame , among others.


Garlic contains many properties that whiten and protect our skin. So, with only a half rub garlic several times a day on our face we get rid of spots and wrinkles. Best of all is that its effects will begin to notice almost immediately.

Lemon juice

This citrus has properties that whiten our skin and keep it soft and supple. If we mix the lemon juice with sour cream and apply it on our face, we will whiten our skin. The time that we must leave it to act is 15 or 20 minutes and then we rinse the face with abundant water. If you have allergic reactions to citrus, you should not use this mask .


Soda is an extremely powerful ingredient when it comes to combating stains on the face. All we have to do is mix the powdered soda with a little water and mix them to a paste. Then massage the face with it and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Berry juice

For this remedy all we have to do is a juice of berries or cranberries. Then humedeceremos gauze with him and we will put it on our face for 15 or 20 minutes . Finally, we rinse the face with plenty of water.

If we apply any of these remedies, we can get a delicate and beautiful skin. If you have found these tips to beautify your face, share it on your social networks. That way, all your friends also know about them.