As indicated by Italian specialist Tulio Simonchini, disease is only an organism which can be wiped out with heating pop. Dr. Simonchini utilized this technique to cure a great many patients experiencing diverse sorts of disease, and cases that it is 100% compelling.

The treatment isn’t unsafe at all and let’s be honest – you have nothing to lose. The excruciating reality of more growth cases is some way or another associated with the disappointments of oncology. “We need to demonstrate that present day oncology can’t answer every one of the inquiries growth patients have. It’s our good and moral duty to locate the genuine cure for the hardest and deadliest illnesses of our time,” says Dr. Simonchini.


Growth is a parasite!

“About a century prior, there was an awesome hypothesis that tumor is brought about by failing qualities, which implies that the illness is intracellular. Nonetheless, as I would like to think, disease is a parasitic contamination and an exceptional cell marvel,” says Dr. Simonchini, who has sent shockwaves around the medicinal group with his claim.


In the plant world, carcinoma is created by parasitic diseases, and the same occurs in people. Growths dependably convey a tumor with them – this has been demonstrated in both in vivo and in vitro considers. In any case, researchers trust that they create after the malady showed up. Dr. Simonchini trusts that they were at that point there before – organisms make growth, debilitate our resistant framework and after that assault the entire body. Each sort of malignancy is brought on by the Candida parasite, which has been affirmed by a few reviews, and its histological structure is a consequence of the cautious measures against the intrusion. After some time, our tissues are debilitated and tired, and they begin creating unidentified cells. As indicated by Dr. Simonchini, tumor is a “ulcer” where disfigured cells collect and frame settlements.

Heating pop

The standard antifungal medications are incapable against malignancy as they just assault the surface of the cells. The principle contamination is more capable than a solitary bacterium, which is the reason contagious diseases keep going for so long. “I have recognized the things that can assault these settlements of growths – for tumor, it’s preparing pop, and an iodine tincture is the best substance for skin disease,” claims Dr. Simonchini. Many reviews have affirmed heating pop’s intracellular activity against growth.

“I have utilized the treatment on my patients for over 20 years. A large number of these patients have totally recuperated from the malady, notwithstanding when specialists gave them no odds. The most ideal approach to wipe out a tumor is for it to interact with heating pop, which can be connected as a douche for stomach related diseases, intravenous infusion for mind and lung tumors and inward breath for tumors in the upper respiratory framework. Bosom, lymph framework and subcutaneous tumors can be treated with a neighborhood perfusion. Inside organ tumors ought to be treated with heating pop by applying it straightforwardly into the corridors, and it’s additionally essential to treat each sort of growth with the correct measurements,” Dr. Simonchini clarifies, and proceeds: “For phleboclisis, you’ll require around 500 cm. of 5% or 8.4% arrangement; at times, the blend just should be sufficiently salty. Amid each treatment, realize that tumor settlements return between the 3 and 4 day, and endure a crumple between the 4 and 5 day, so at least 6 days of treatment is required. The treatment ought to be rehashed for 4 cycles, and has no opposite reactions other than thirst and shortcoming.”

“For skin growth, you ought to rub a 0.7% iodine tincture on the influenced zones 20-30 times each day. A short time later, the tumor won’t return,” Dr. Simonchini says.

Here are the fundamental side effects of Candida disease:

  • Ceaseless weariness;
  • Over the top urgent issue;
  • Nervousness and touchiness;
  • Cerebrum mist and queasiness;
  • Endless skin issue;
  • Endless stomach related disarranges;
  • State of mind changes;
  • Starch and sugar desires.

In the event that you have see no less than 2 of these side effects, you may have a propelled phase of candida diseases which may bring about growth, so they ought to never be overlooked.

Treatment and aversion of candida contaminations

The parasitic advancement must be held under control. Left untreated, candida can prompt to candidiasis which can bring about manifestations that copy different illnesses and result in aperture in the digestive organs and broken gut disorder. This will permit protein to assault your platelets. With a specific end goal to avoid facilitate issues, we initially need to wipe out the sustenances that encourage candida – sugar and starch. This implies no bread, confection, new organic product, pasta and rice for some time. Concentrate on eating crude leafy foods vegetables, and a few people have had incredible outcomes with grapefruit seeds. Dr. Simonchini prescribes utilizing sans aluminum preparing pop for the treatment of growth. It can be found in all wellbeing stores and drug stores.

How the treatment functions

Preparing pop essentially builds the alkalinity of your blood which crushes the growths. Because of this, heating pop rapidly breaks down the tumor, abandoning it without resistance.

For stomach, colon, rectal and oral malignancy, you have to take 1 teaspoon of preparing pop in a glass of water each morning and night for a month. As a rule, this is sufficient time to dispose of the tumor. The treatment ought to last 3-4 weeks and not a day more. Dr. Simonchini’s treatment for the most part requires intravenous infusions also. For best outcomes, you’ll require 500 ml. of 5% heating pop arrangement connected in the vein straightforwardly consistently. Do this for 24 days, then go for a sweep. Vaginal contagious contaminations have turned out to be quite normal these days and as indicated by Dr. Simonchini, they are the principle guilty party for cervical growth and vaginal tumors. To treat these issues, you have to wash your vagina with a blend made of 2 l. of sifted water and 2 tablespoons of heating pop. This will overcome the organisms that are bringing about the issue and keep them from returning what’s to come.