Can the pump itself beautiful girl press cubes? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems at first glance. If men aim to get three of a number of muscles, the girls all the more difficult – they need not only to create a relief, but also to keep the waist.

We all know that muscle definition – is, above all, more muscle. Beautiful forms it acquires only “swung” to a certain size. The acquisition of relief press inevitably associated with an increase in the waist. Men can go for it: plus or minus two centimeters in volume – is not a problem, especially when it comes to lean muscle, not fat. For the girls, plus two centimeters on his stomach – an unacceptable sacrifice. You can avoid it by following these recommendations:



At home, the better to download the press on an empty stomach. Firstly, so you get rid of the layer of fat on the press. The body burns while you sleep the rest of the evening energy. If you give it a physical exercise before breakfast, he begins to use the energy of fat. Second, in the morning your waist is the smallest size (if you do not believe me, try to measure it before breakfast and before bedtime). The load on the press in such a state will help you buy relief and minimize the risk of acquiring extra centimeters.
After exercise requires a light breakfast. There are two possible options: either the lungs carbohydrates in the form of cereals, proteins or in the form of cheese, eggs, chicken. Important: Do not lean on sweets, chocolate, or left in the evening the meat in French. It will only get worse.
drill press to girls


Engage in regular, but not zealous. Classes are every day to help you buy a relief, but the volume abdomen. To save a thin waist, practice three times a week. Each exercise is done in two or three sets of 15-25 times. Total training time – 10-20 minutes.
Do not just a set of exercises on the press. Before you jump on the rope classes, dancing, doing stretching. This will help you burn excess fat and prepare the body to load.