Lose Weight, Firm Your Breast And Rid Your Body Of Toxins With This Drink

Pineapples for example are rich in copper, manganese, Vitamin C and folic acid. However, the star of the show is bromelain. This pineapple juice enzyme is doing wonders for your health. Namely it improves the state of your immune system, helps heal wounds quicker, works to prevent cancer and improves the function of your digestive system. The scientific research behind bromelain points to the fact that it can disintegrate blood proteins which in turn causes an anti-inflammatory effect which helps when there is swelling and pain.

We frequently forget about the amazing health benefits this tropical fruit provides. Apart from its wonderful taste, pineapples offer a wide range of nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, copper and folate. Moreover, this delicious tropical fruit is also the only source of the plant compound bromelain.

Now let’s get to the statistics:

1 glass of of pineapple juice contains:

-33mg calcium
-30 mg magnesium
-25 mg Vitamin C (25% RDA for males and 30% RDA for females)
-130 calories


Despite being considered as an anti-oxidant miracle, pineapples can be useful to women. The pineapple as a fruit contains a substance that improves the elasticity of the skin and works on restoring it to a more youthful state-specifically the breasts.

Breasts are a trouble spot for many women because they can sag down over the years due to elasticity and firmness. Slowly but steadily, the breasts lose their original shape. How can you prevent it? Easy. Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee and drink pineapple juice instead. Daily intake of pineapple juice can lead to visible results in a short amount of time. Make sure it’s fresh juice, before consuming it. If it’s unavailable fresh- then dried or canned pineapple can be used.

So we’ve seen the amazing benefits of pineapples. Besides their anti-oxidant properties they are very beneficial to women troubled with sagging breasts, wrinkles and other troubled areas. They help restore the shape of the breasts to a firmer level of elasticity.

Source: http://www.bepositivebefit.com