How to Make Homemade Long Lasting Deodorant that Really Works!

Deodorants are packed with a variety of toxic chemicals. In fact, the amount of toxins found in store-bought deodorants is scary. These toxic chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and enter into your lymph nodes and bloodstream.

The toxic chemicals found in deodorants can also act as endocrine disruptors. In other words, they can interfere with the function of your reproductive system and your body’s developmental hormones.

Specifically, parabens like butyl, benzyl, propyl, ethyl, and methyl are found in most commercial deodorants. These chemicals have been associated with a higher risk of reproductive toxicity and breast cancer.

In addition, parabens act as estrogen simulators because they bind to estrogen receptors on your cells. Moreover, they could also elevate gene expression, thus resulting in increased breast cancer cell growth.

An editor in chief if the Journal of Applied Toxicology, Philip Harvey, points out that certain compounds found in common deodorants could be absorbed and accumulated in fat cells in the human body.

Of course, conventional deodorants work great, in case you do not mind infusing your armpits with all these toxic chemicals. You can actually make an all-natural homemade deodorant recipe that works and lasts a lot longer.

Homemade Non-Toxic Deodorant Recipe


  • A quarter cup of cornstarch or arrowroot powder
  • 6-8 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • A quarter cup of baking soda

Note: You can also add your favorite essential oil for a pretty smell.


You should use the coconut oil in its solid state.

Mix the arrowroot powder with the baking soda.

Then, gradually add the coconut oil and use a hand blender or spoon to mix the ingredients. Mix until the mixture maintains a firm but pliable texture. Furthermore, it needs to be about the same texture as store-bought deodorants. This means that it should be solid but able to be applied easily. In case it is too wet, you should add more cornstarch or arrowroot powder to thicken.

Finally, you can either store it in a small container with lid and apply with your fingers or scoop it into an old deodorant dispenser. This recipe typically lasts three months for 2 people with everyday use.

Caution: You might get a rash because of the baking soda, so you should test it on a small skin area first.