Mediterranean Diet Basics & Results

Mediterranean diet basics, It is one of the world’s most important diets that feature health of ingredients, which contain the best food ingredients, but what are the basic materials that make up the
The basics of the Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean diet basics:

Research has proven that the Mediterranean basin residents have low rates of heart disease compared to the Americans and others. The research has shown that traditional eating habits to that region of the world considered to have a vital impact on the reduction of chronic disease rates.

Mediterranean diet study results:

In the Mediterranean region, the people follow the diet, a “Mediterranean diet to maintain a healthy weight” and usually the system includes grains, beans, vegetables, fruit intake. And this diet does not include eating a lot of meat while eating depends on the olive oil mainly in that it is an important source for the body of useful fat.

Mediterranean Diet And Cancer:

The researchers also showed that living bacteria that are used to prepare Yogurt may also contribute to the provision of good health for the people of the Mediterranean basin. It is also important elements that are used in the diet of the Mediterranean Sea is the garlic, Garlic helps to prevent blood clots and lower cholesterol level and it also help protect against cancer.

Mediterranean Diet Foods:

What distinguishes the Mediterranean diet that you can eat variety of foods numbers appetite.
Here are some tips for foods that need to be addressed when you follow this diet:

1- Eat fish steamed or grilled fish a few times each week.
2- Eating pieces of red meat maybe once a week.
3- Eat full grains and carbohydrates (such as pasta, bread, rice, bulgur and couscous) and potatoes.
4- Diversity in eating, legumes, nuts, vegetables, herbs and fresh fruits with a focus on local products.
5- Eating fried or boiled eggs several times a week.
6- Always use olive oil instead of butter or other oils.
7- Eat small amounts of yogurt and cheeses (such as feta or goat cheese and sheep).
8- If you like sweets, prefers eating fresh fruit instead of sweets containing refined sugar (white sugar).
9- Can drinking coffee, but without sugar.

Mediterranean Diet Foods To Avoid:

When you follow the Mediterranean system must stay away from fried foods or processed foods, These foods include foods that are advertised as low fat and low calories, such as diet soft drinks and sweets. And foods that do not need to be addressed:

– Fast food fried in polyunsaturated fat.
– Sausage and hamburgers.
– Any kind of fried foods.
– Cakes, cookies and chocolate cake.
– Processed food.
– Sugary drinks.
– High-calorie processed meat.