Path to healthy eating – according to your zodiac sign

Here are some nutrition tips based on you zodiac sign:

AriesIt is recommended that they eat more often but smaller meals regardless what time of the day is since they tend to become very angry when are hungry.


People with this zodiac sig often have night hunger attacks and therefore they should have lavish dinner consisting of meat and plenty of vegetables.


These people should avoid drinking coffee and eating muesli. Instead of overeating and then skipping meals, they should eat regularly together with their family or friends.


Cancers are prone to weight gain even when they are counting every single calorie. They should eat when they are calm because they usually eat when are stressed out.


Their day would not be complete without a sandwich. They should prepare a sandwich with stewed meat, preferably chicken or turkey, and lots of vegetable.


They have to limit the consumption of bread and fast food. Also, they should chew the food longer.


Libras often suffer from lack of energy throughout the day and therefore they need to consume lavish breakfast. Frequent and small meals are ideal.


Generally, these people do not have problems with overeating. What they should be careful about is the alcohol consumption. It is recommended that they drink plenty of water during the day.


People with this zodiac sign should avoid junk food. Also, they need to maintain their good mood in order to prevent overeating.


Capricorns want to experiment with cooking. But, because they always have busy daily schedule, they have no much time for cooking and need to have some food supplies which are easily cooked.


Aquarians need self-control when it comes to eating. If they don`t control their food cravings, they will be at risk of excess weight gain.


Pisces have very sensitive digestive tract which does not tolerate fatty foods. They should avoid sour and spicy food.