The Position of The Acne on Your Body Shows You Which Disease You’re Suffering From

You can tell a lot about your health from just observing the acne on your body. Your body is basically a map which can be read quite simple if you know what to look for and how to interpret the signs. You probably didn’t know but acne on different parts of the body are linked with different diseases and health issues. Here’s a list of what conditions you could be suffering from according to where your acnes are located, you just need to look at the picture and find the appropriate area:


Area 1 – Hormones:

This area is your chin and neck. If this area is affected by acne it might mean that you’re too stressed out, or experiencing adrenal gland issues, or you’re just eating and drinking too much sodas and sweets.

Area 2 And 3 – High Stress Levels:

This is the area around your shoulders and if you’re suffering from acne on these spots it may mean that you’re under a lot of stress and your immune system is weakened. You need to relax a bit and unwind, life is full of joy.

Area 4 – Your Stomach:

This is the chest area and if you have acne in this area you’re probably overeating on junk food or your digestive system isn’t functioning properly. You need to eat more healthy and organic food.

Area 5 And 6 – Vitamin Insufficiency:

If you have problematic skin on your upper extremities you’re probably suffering from vitamin insufficiency. Instead of resorting to vitamin supplements try eating more fruits and vegetables they are the best source of vitamins.

Area 7 – Blood Sugar:

This is the stomach area and acne on this spot usually means that your blood sugar levels are up. Try to stay clear of refined sugar and bread and opt for vegetables and fruit instead.

Area 8 – Personal Hygiene Or STDs:

This s your pubic area and problematic skin down there may just mean that you need to pay more attention on your personal hygiene. However, if you notice warts and itching in addition to acne, it may be that you’re suffering from some type of STD, you need to consult with your doctor.

Area 9 And 10 – Allergies or Dermal Problems:

This is the upper legs and hips area and usually problematic skin there indicates an allergic reaction to a brand of detergent or cosmetic product. If you’re suffering from acne from the knee down it’s probably because of shaving or waxing so pay more attention next time you do it.

Area 11 & 12 – Your Digestion or Your Nervous System:

This is the upper and lower back area and acne on these spots can mean one of two things. Either you’re not sleeping enough and you’re overworking yourself mentally and you need to try to relax more, or your diet is unhealthy and you need to cut back on the calories intake.

Area 13 & 12 – Your Digestion:

Acne on your behind is usually a sign of poor digestive health or of too much unhealthy and high-calorie diet. Try to eat healthier and your skin will clear up.

Look at your body and your skin, they can tell you if something is wrong with your health, you just need to know how to interpret the signs!