Remove Unwanted Hairs Permanently In 5 Minutes

Do you need to remove unwanted hairs? Then, especially if you are a woman, read on more. You just need 2 items.

Unwanted hairs are on the body, face, hands, feet and back. This is a big problem that people face daily. It affects the self esteem.

The cause is hormone imbalance, meds, pregnancy and period issues.

Today we have many hair removal methods like electrolysis, waxing, laser and more, but they cost a lot and are not long term results.

Also some old natural methods work just as well if not better. They are safe and cheap.


For this, get a cup baby oil and 1 tbsp 2% iodine.


Mix the items.


Rub this mix for 2 min where is needed. After 5 min on the skin, wipe it with damp cloth. Do this for a few days and the hairs will be gone.

People say this works and hairs never appeared again.