Rescuers Manage To Save 1,300 Dogs Loaded On A Truck To Be Killed

Dogs are so faithful and loving that it’s hard to imagine anyone mistreating them. Yet we know that they’re often subjected to abuse and neglect at the hands of the wrong people all too often.

That’s why it’s so important for people who can do something for a dog in need to do so. For most, this means helping even just a single dog who needs a home.

For rescuers in Hunan, China, however, that meant stopping a truck carrying over 1,300 dogs to a meat farm. What happened when they decided to step in is truly legendary…

Though not as common as they once were, dog meat farms are still found in numerous locations worldwide. So when a group of people driving on a highway in Hunan, China, spotted a truck carrying crates packed with dogs, they knew something was wrong.


In all, they discovered 1,300 dogs crammed into tiny cages so small that they could barely move. They were being transported to Guangzhou, China, which was a lengthy journey that would take roughly three entire days on the open road.


As they passed the truck, the people could hear the poor, neglected dogs whining and crying out for help. It was clear that they were uncomfortable, and something needed to be done if they wanted the dogs to live…


China’s policy expert for Humane Society International, Peter Li, was called to the scene, where he admitted it was the largest shipment of dogs he’d seen in his entire career. “The dogs suffered a lot due to high density,” Peter said in an interview. “Disease has been spreading among some dogs. There are also pregnant mother dogs who suffered the most from food deprivation.”



Reports have shown that upwards of 10 million dogs are slaughtered in China each year and sold at markets for their meat. The fact that these people stepped in and put their lives on the line to save these dogs was incredibly heroic.


While it is technically legal to sell dogs to the dog meat farm trade, people transporting them are required to carry a certificate that gives them such a privilege. Peter doubted that the man had such a certificate for all 1,300 animals.


Once the truck was stopped, there was a standoff between a group of people and the truck driver. Fortunately, the police were called to the scene—as were plenty of animal lovers, including Wu Xuelian and Xiaog Qiang, who were leaders of an animal rights groups in Guangzhou. Finally, they were allowed to remove the dogs from the truck.


“Xiaog Qiang told me, ‘300 people and 100 cars showed up within the hour,’” said Andrea Gung in an interview. Andrea was the founder and director of Duo Duo Project, a group that helps victims of the dog meat trade.


The rescuers also fed the dogs and kept them company while they waited for the situation with the driver to reach its conclusion. Sadly, Andrea estimated that roughly 30% of the dogs inside the truck didn’t survive the horrific ordeal.


The rescuers managed to help the surviving dogs reach a nearby facility where they could be treated for their wounds. “The dogs shall be quarantined, vet-examined, separated, and treated,” Peter explained. “There shall be around-the-clock care by the activists. When they recover physically and mentally, they will be offered for adoption.”

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Though not all of the dogs survived the horrific ordeal, it should not take away from the heroic act of the animal rescuers who helped those who did.

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