He was roamaing the streets, scared and alone. Until this happened and changed his life forever

A puppy named Fram was living a dirty, flea-ridden life by the side of a busy road before volunteers from a rescue organization called Howl of a Dog spotted him on a rescue mission one day. The little guy was clearly disoriented and he was venturing too close to traffic, so they had to act fast.

Before disaster could strike, however, he warmed up to the team (and made everyone melt in the process).

This animal story is a beautiful one, as this puppy had everything going against him, but with the help of some loving people, he now has all that he needs to have a good life. He seems to be happy now, and he is healthier and safer than he has ever been.

Fram is not only a fluffy bundle of joy, but he’s also very smart, playful, and friendly. He loves humans, other dogs, and even cats! He’s six months old and is now living at a rescue center while he waits for his forever family. SHARE THIS AMAZING RESCUE!