Shelter Finds Abandoned Dog On Its Doorstep With A Mysterious Note From His Old Family

Those who are kind enough to volunteer their time helping animals lead lives full of surprises… and heartbreaks. Animals are unpredictable, after all, and working at an animal shelter often means not knowing what situation they are going to walk into each morning.

This was certainly the case for a volunteer at the Henry County Humane Society in Geneseo, Illinois recently. While out walking one of the dogs, she passed by the new shelter that the Humane Society was building—and she immediately spotted something odd.

Outside of the front door was a small carrier. When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

A volunteer for the Henry County Humane Society (HCHS) in Geneseo, Illinois had been taking one of her charges for a walk when she stopped in front of the new site that the organization was building. She was shocked: there, right outside of the building, was a lone crate. She moved in for a closer look, and came face to face with a sad-looking dog. She also noticed that there was a mysterious note tucked inside his crate.


He had clearly been abandoned. Right away, the volunteer called the rescue board president, who instructed her to bring the dog back to the current shelter that was in operation. “He was in a crate that was far too small for him with no food or water,” recalled Tracy Diehl, the shelter manager at HCHS.



The frightened pup was brought into the shelter, where the staff promptly fed him food and water. Once the dog was in good hands, they took a peek at the note that had been hidden inside the crate with him. “Hi, my name is Buddy,” it began…


“I have all my shots,” the note continued. “I took flea medication today. I have outgrown the apartment I live in and need a new home with a big yard to run in and am AMAZING with children. It is very hard for me to leave a home where I am very loved and cherished, but I hope I can bring joy to my new family.”


Though it wasn’t the ideal way to surrender a pet—after all, Buddy’s life could have been at risk—this story had a happy ending. Not long after arriving at the shelter, he was adopted by a loving family. Buddy truly inspired the Humane Society’s team.


“We are starting a fund called Buddy’s Play Pen to help us finish the new shelter and the accompanying dog yard,” Tracy said. “Considering how he was crammed in a very small space, we want to name the dog yard after him… We feel that Buddy has been a huge ambassador for shelter dogs, even without knowing it.”

How great is it that Buddy was able to find a home so quickly, despite being dumped in an empty construction site? Hopefully his story will inspire others to talk with shelter staff in person should they need to consider putting their pet up for adoption. If you’d like to learn more about giving to the HCHS “Buddy’s Play Pen” fund, head to their donations page.

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