Spend 10 Minutes Per Day To Achieve A Flat Belly By Doing These 9 Exercises

Everyone wants to have flat stomach and to be fit, right? But this process takes commitment and a lot of time. As many of you might know, this is easier said than done.

Anyhow, with a great commitment and effort nothing is impossible, you can achieve your own goals. For this exercises it is essential to work on your abs by doing the right exercises.

We will give you 9 exercises than will take not more than 10 min of your day time. They are pretty effective and if you do them on daily bases, you won’t struggle with belly fat. Take a look!

Exercises for a Flat Stomach!


This exercise targets your lower abs.

You need to rest on a tangle on your back. Lift your legs from the floor and extend them straight. Spread your hands to the sides. Slowly bring your legs down toward the floor and make sure not touch it.

After that, put your knees again into your trunk and go up once again. Do this routine for 30 seconds then stop.


This exercise targets your side muscles and lower abs.                                                You start in an almost exact position from the previous exercise with your legs up. But this time you need to run with your legs to the side.

Put your legs to the other side as close to the floor as possible, but once again make sure you do not touch it.

Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds, changing sides the whole time.


You need to lie on the floor with your arms and legs separated from each other. Put your arms over your head.

Then, touch the inverse foot to the inverse hand, note: making sure you are breathing properly. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.


Place your hands on the floor and put your body on your toes. Your spine needs to be straight.

You need to bring your knees into the trunk. In order to do this, you should exchange your legs for 30 seconds. It is essential to keep your stomach hold in your spine!


This exercise targets your side abs.

Begin this exercise while you are seating on the floor and bring your abdominal area up to 45 degrees starting from the starting position. You can bring your legs up or keep them on the floor.

Bend your abdominal area by conveying your hands to the sides. Repeat this for 30 seconds.


Begin in a push up position. Push your leg up so your knee will be twisted to up 90 degrees.

You must keep your back straight and hold that position for 15 seconds.Make sure to hold your stomach in and switch legs.

Then, hold once again for 15 seconds. Pay attention to your breathing while doing this exercise, it is important to breathe proper.


This exercise targets your lower abs.

For this exercise you need to lie on your back and spread your arms to the sides. Lift your legs up straight and then start lowering down one leg at a time.

When you bring your legs down make sure your that they are not touching the floor. Your legs must to be straight and active at all time.

Repeat this exercise for 30 – 40 sec and don’t forget to breathe properly.


You need to lie on your back and lift your legs so they are pointing to the ceiling. Begin the exercise by doing circles in the air for 40 sec with each leg.

Make sure to breathe in and breathe out while doing the exercise.


For this exercise you need lie on your back and lift your legs straight up. Next you need to start kicking the air with your legs.

Keep your back firmly to the floor and exhale and inhale deeply during the exercise. Repeat this exercise until you feel some burn in your lower muscles.