What birthday are you?



  • January 01 – 09 ~ Dog
  • January 10 – 24 ~ Mouse
  • January 25 – 31 ~ Lion
  • February 01 – 05 ~ Cat
  • February 06 – 14 ~ Dove
  • February 15 – 21 ~ Turtle
  • February 22 – 28 ~ Panther
  • March 01 – 12 ~ Monkey
  • March 13 – 15 ~ Lion
  • March 16 – 23 ~ Mouse
  • March 24 – 31 ~ Cat
  • April 01 – 03 ~ Dog
  • April 04 – 14 ~ Panther
  • April 15 – 26 ~ Mouse
  • April 27 – 30 ~ Turtle
  • May 01 – 13 ~ Monkey
  • May 14 – 21 ~ Dove
  • May 22 – 31 ~ Lion
  • June 01 – 03 ~ Mouse
  • June 04 – 14 ~ Turtle
  • June 15 – 20 ~ Dog
  • June 21 – 24 ~ Monkey
  • June 25 – 30 ~ Cat
  • July 01 – 09 ~ Mouse
  • July 10 – 15 ~ Dog
  • July 16 – 26 ~ Dove
  • July 27 – 31 ~ Cat
  • August 01 – 15 ~ Monkey
  • August 16 – 25 ~ Mouse
  • August 26 – 31 ~ Turtle
  • September 01 – 14 ~ Dove
  • September 15 – 27 ~ Cat
  • September 28 – 30 ~ Dog
  • October 01 – 15 ~ Monkey
  • October 16 – 27 ~ Turtle
  • October 28 – 31 ~ Panther
  • November 01 – 16 ~ Lion
  • November 17 – 30 ~ Cat
  • December 01 – 16 ~ Dog
  • December 17 – 25 ~ Monkey
  • December 26 – 31 ~ Dove

If you are a:

Puppy : An extremely steadfast and sweet individual. Your devotion can never be questioned. You are very legitimate and genuine with regards to your mentality towards working. You are an exceptionally basic individual, in fact. Totally bother free, modest and sensible!! That clarifies the motivation behind why your companions stick on to you! You have a decent taste for garments. On the off chance that your closet is not refreshed with what is in vogue, you beyond any doubt are discouraged. Prominent and nice. You have a little gathering of honorable companions, every one of them being quality-represented.

In the event that you are a Mouse : Always up to some kind of a devilishness! The naughty sparkle in your eyes is the thing that makes you so adorable and alluring to everybody. You are a to a great degree amusing to-be-with sort of individual. No big surprise individuals look for your organization and anticipate incorporate you for all get-together’s. Nonetheless, you are delicate which is a downside. Individuals need to choose their words while conversing with you. On the off chance that somebody tries to fiddle around and play with words while managing you, it is sufficient to welcome your anger. God favor the individual then!

On the off chance that you are a Lion : Quite conflicting to your name, you are a peace adoring individual. You best attempt to stay away from a circumstance wherein you are required to battle. An open air individual, you disdain sitting at one place for a long term. Well known and nice. You are a conceived pioneer, and have it in you how to prudently get function from individuals. Individuals adore the way you generally treat them. You adore being cherished, and when you get your offer of spotlight from somebody, you are all theirs!

In the event that you are a Cat : A to a great degree adorable, lovable individual, some of the time timid, with an energy for snappy mind. On occasion, you incline toward quietness. You cherish investigating different things and going into profundity of every thing. Under typical conditions you’re cool however when given motivation to, you resemble a well of lava holding up to emit. You’re a mold fowl. Individuals anticipate you as a symbol related with form. Fundamentally, you blend along uninhibitedly yet don’t care for talking much to outsiders. Individuals feel simple in your organization. You watch mind in picking your companions.

In the event that you are a Turtle : You are close to impeccable and decent on a fundamental level. The cases of your graciousness are constantly coursed in gatherings of individuals. You, as well, love peace. You wouldn’t prefer to strike back even to a man who is in the off-base. You are cherished because of this. You don’t wish to talk in the face of one’s good faith. Individuals cherish the way you generally treat them. You can give, give and give love, and best of all, you don’t expect it back consequently. You are sufficiently liberal. Seeing things in a commonsense light is the thing that remaining parts the best quality of you folks.

On the off chance that you are a Dove : You symbolize an extremely giddy approach in life. Whatever the surroundings might be, bleak or chipper, you stay unaffected. Truth be told, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the pioneer of your gathering of companions and great at reassuring individuals in their critical crossroads. You loathe lip service and have a tendency to evade far from scoundrels. They can never be in your great books, regardless. You are exceptionally systematic and sorted out in your work. No measure of chaos, subsequently, can ever include you. Be careful, it is simple for you to begin to look all starry eyed at.

In the event that you are a Panther : You are strange. You are somebody who can deal with weight easily, and can deal with any air without going crazy. You can be mean now and again, and love to chatter with your chose gathering. Exceptionally demure and legitimate. You like all circumstances and things to stand out you covet, which, now and again is unrealistic. Accordingly, you may miss out in a few connections. Be that as it may, else, you want to help individuals out from troublesome and tight spots when they truly require you.

In the event that you are a Monkey : Very eager and hyper!!! You need things to be done as snappy as could be allowed. On a basic level, you are very basic and love in the event that you are the focal point of fascination. That way, you individuals are remarkable. You might want to protect yourself from every one of the points. Might your name be dragged or included in any kind of a debate, you then go all panicky. Along these lines, you play it safe from the earliest starting point. When you anticipate anything incorrectly, your intuition is the thing that spares you from falling in traps. A significant cash disapproved of group you individuals are!