Why Most Men Don’t “Listen” Women

“The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT.” – Alfred Brendel

We don’t have to spew logical reviews to exhibit that most men are poor audience members… simply ask the closest lady to you.

On the otherhand, a few men see themselves as to be a fabulous audience members. Research can propose it relies on upon their identity or cogntive acknowledgment.

Numerous men are not very impressive audience members seeing someone. Science has affirmed it different circumstances.

Anyway, why is this precisely? While we talk about why most (not all!) men are poor audience members from a relationship and sexual orientation edge, a portion of the reasons examined rise above that relationship.

In this manner, maybe we might have the capacity to help two gatherings of individuals: (1) the possibly agitated male audience, and (2) ladies in an association with #1!

How about we get after it.



It’s obvious, ladies are regularly right… yet not generally. Some of the time in a submitted relationship, it is normal for a lady to “expect” a kind of common comprehension on an assortment of things.

This is somewhat of a sensitive theme since, at the outset, the man appeared to consent to the greater part of what the lady was stating. Once a relationship grows, be that as it may, a man has less “motivator” to yield and feels more great talking his own brain.

It’s solid for two individuals to not generally have a similar sentiment on matters. No compelling reason to contend, simply acknowledge the other’s perspective.

2. NOT “Coming to the heart of the matter”

Ladies are enamored with repeating subtle elements that appears, to them, a method for elevating closeness. In an undeniable manner, this viewpoint conveys justify. Points of interest all by themselves are private in nature. In any case, men are not especially skilled at staying “tuned in.” Men are more alright with the purpose of an exchange rather than the better points of interest.

Maybe the most ideal approach to this is to offer a conversation starter initially, and after that fill in the better points of interest. This permits the man to “draw an obvious conclusion” and ought to give sufficiently adequate time to shape a feeling.

3. Making a decent attempt TO IMPRESS

A man is as of now awed with you, as he is as of now WITH you. In that capacity, it is not important to consistently “demonstrate your value” by reiterating things that appear to be great. By normal outline, men feel a commitment to accommodate themselves and their friends and family.

A portion of this implies tolerating the way that men are more OK with accomplishment and status among associates, as opposed to with their accomplice.


Not all men are great multitaskers. On the off chance that a man happens to be engrossed with something, it is best to be persistent and permit him to finish the assignment first. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a football game, a snooze, or something else.

Be patient and ensure your man is prepared to tune in.

5. Emphasis ON VENTING

Venting is something that men can be colossally uncomfortable with. The reason is that, while we need to bolster you, we’re somewhat shocked the huge number of data that is being coordinated towards us. Once more, men are not as alright with taking part in enthusiastic discourse as ladies seem to be.

Credit another to transformative plan.


This one is to some degree like the issues with accepting common assention. Numerous (many) couples as of now have a strong understanding with respect to what makes the other individual “tick.” However, when a novel circumstance emerges, it might entice to return to that special night stage where we both suspect an accord to pretty much anything.


Men are exceptionally straight scholars, all in all. Ladies have an ability for developing unique musings and in this manner verbalizing them. At the point when men are made up for lost time with a hurricane of contending manners of thinking, they are effectively befuddled; thinking that its hard to both maintain consideration and convey proper criticism.

Give some time and space, let him create his heading, and after that clarify what’s going on.

8. Genuine OR PERCEIVED “Bothering”

Here’s another tricky point. What ladies see as proper exchange; a man can understand as trivial. Because of the way that men are not as great of audience members, we’re more able to just mark such a restricted discussion as “bothering.”

Many reasons can be ascribed to this recognition; principally that men are once in a while unequipped to take part in discussion that is anything past the regular. In any case, it benefits both people to “check in” with each other to guarantee common comprehension. It removes any potential diversions also.


Generally, two individuals in a relationship impart contrastingly with each other than with other individuals. Ladies try to be seen more than men do, all in all. All things considered, female discussions with female companions and partners will undoubtedly be more loaded down with compassionate feeling and shared comprehension.

Conveying this expectant desire into an exchange with a man, notwithstanding, once in a while brings about something helpful. As specified, men simply see the general purpose of correspondence uniquely in contrast to generally ladies.


Very little elaboration required here. Messaging about whatever else than minor matters is not a decent type of correspondence between two individuals required in a relationship.

Ideally, with the distinctions refered to here, we can all comprehend why.